How to grow your influence…

Alex D. Tremble is an award-winning speaker, author, and leadership expert who has over 10 years of experience coaching and advising some of our nation’s most senior-level government leaders. Alex began his career managing three government-wide senior leadership development programs and quickly went on to establish GPS Leadership Solutions LLC., while publishing two bestselling booksContinue reading “How to grow your influence…”

How to turn career rejections into long-lasting success

D & B speak with DR. ELI JOSEPH, author, educator, and TEDx speaker who currently serves as a faculty member at Columbia University and Queens College and as a partner and medical examiner at ExamOne, a Quest Diagnostics company. Using rejection to fuel his professional achievements, he earned a bachelor’s degree at the age ofContinue reading “How to turn career rejections into long-lasting success”

How to offer integrative care and complementary therapy

This week for another Name That Job segment, D & B sit with Talaya Dendy, founder of On the Other Side LLC. Talaya Dendy is a Cancer Doula, Cancer Thriver, Cancer Health Equity Consultant, Mental Health First Aider, and Podcaster who has dedicated her career to advocating for, guiding, supporting, and empowering people diagnosed withContinue reading “How to offer integrative care and complementary therapy”

How to write a resume that showcases your strengths

D & B sat with Virginia Franco to hear how to approach online applications and the formidable ATS. Virginia offers specific and concrete examples of how to clearly showcase your experience and talents, as well as what language you want to include whenever you apply online. She reminds us that its best to have networked before applyingContinue reading “How to write a resume that showcases your strengths”

How to skill up from home

D & B sit down with Joseph Alteri, Account Executive for New York Wired for Education to discuss their online professional development program. Whether preparing for your first job or learning skills to advance your career, METRIX learning offers a self-directed, home-based solution to help you to qualify for your next position. For those interested,Continue reading “How to skill up from home”

How to create a social venture

D & B sit down with an old friend, Alejandro Souza, to hear about his social venture: PIXZA. Part Mexican-style pizzeria, part workforce development project for socially abandoned peoples, Souza shows that with the right mindset you can create impactful change in your hometown. 

How to learn to say No?!?

  D & B discuss the challenges of developing one’s voice within the workplace and actualizing the promise of setting boundaries for oneself while in the hunt.

Make It Personal

D & B sit down with Bork I, aka Ofosu Jones-Quartey, to speak about how he create a life filled with his passions: music, spirituality, and mindfulness. They discuss the importance of a personal practice as the foundation for a life filled and fulfilled.

How do you assess where you belong?

  D & B sit down with Derrick Brown, Director of Talent Acquisition, to hear how he’s made critical choices throughout his career, and his views surrounding recruitment and personal fit.  Positive Plug: OBS

The Ups and Downs of Comedy

D & B sit down with Sean McKenzie, standup comedian from SF and NYC. He speaks of networking, seniority, and the unique grind of stand-up. Plus he describes an unusual way to showcase your specific talents.

Policy in Action

Dan and Brendan sit down with Chris Boyster, Chief Lobbyist for the Illinois Collaboration for Youth, to hear his take on policy, advocacy and activism.  Positive Plug: Asana!

How Do I Get Seen?

  Dan and Brendan sit down with Yavuz Inanli, a recruiter for Dexis Consulting Group, to hear his advice on how to land a job in international development, the tricks of recruiting, and how the myth of the 1 page CV may keep you from your dream job!  Positive Plug: We’ve all heard the argumentContinue reading “How Do I Get Seen?”

Building My Network

Dan and Brendan sit down with Son Nguyen, a LinkedIn recruiter, to discuss how to establish your profile, build your network, and utilize some of the newest features that the site now offers. Plus Dan has good news! Positive Plugs: LinkedIn Learning: Opportunity.LinkedIn Open Candidates Feature LinkedIn Learning!

Action Oriented

This week Dan shares about new developments in his week and both reflect on lessons learned these past few weeks. 

What Are the Unemployment Numbers Not Saying?

This week Dan and Brendan sit down with Dr. Andre M. Perry from Brookings to discuss his latest research on inequality within our communities. Dr. Perry highlights that we must look beyond the numbers to see the apparent lack of opportunities, investment, and wealth within communities of color around the country. His message is oneContinue reading “What Are the Unemployment Numbers Not Saying?”

Respect and Opportunity: Dr. William’s Approach to Equity

This week, Dan and Brendan are joined by Dr. Bridget Williams, the Chief of Staff from Orange County Public Schools. She speaks of her experience as a school principal and district leader, and how this has led her toward a community-based model for hiring for her district. Her advice is clear, surround yourself with knowledgableContinue reading “Respect and Opportunity: Dr. William’s Approach to Equity”

Where’s the Bullseye?

Dan and Brendan discuss the first step when career seeking: discovering what type of job you want. They discuss tools such as personality assessments, research, and a helpful visual activity to help any job seeker clearly identify their target. Positive plugs go out to several job boards both use for their search. Positive Plugs: JobContinue reading “Where’s the Bullseye?”

What is Productive Time?

Daniel and Brendan discuss the challenges of the grind and the push for productive time. Their discussion talks about scheduling time for self-care, projects, and professional development and the power of aimlessness, along with a few tools they use to feel accomplished in their days and weeks in the search. Positive Plugs: 10 Percent Happier:Continue reading “What is Productive Time?”

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