What Are the Unemployment Numbers Not Saying?

This week Dan and Brendan sit down with Dr. Andre M. Perry from Brookings to discuss his latest research on inequality within our communities. Dr. Perry highlights that we must look beyond the numbers to see the apparent lack of opportunities, investment, and wealth within communities of color around the country. His message is oneContinue reading “What Are the Unemployment Numbers Not Saying?”

Respect and Opportunity: Dr. William’s Approach to Equity

This week, Dan and Brendan are joined by Dr. Bridget Williams, the Chief of Staff from Orange County Public Schools. She speaks of her experience as a school principal and district leader, and how this has led her toward a community-based model for hiring for her district. Her advice is clear, surround yourself with knowledgableContinue reading “Respect and Opportunity: Dr. William’s Approach to Equity”

Strategize: An analytic approach to employment

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-2gmy7-df55dd Dan and Brendan sit down with Chad Ryerson, a career coach, to discuss his strategy to finding your next career. They discuss how to pick a sector, set targets, and build your network to meet your professional goals. Lessons learned: you can do anything for a year. 

Where’s the Bullseye?

Dan and Brendan discuss the first step when career seeking: discovering what type of job you want. They discuss tools such as personality assessments, research, and a helpful visual activity to help any job seeker clearly identify their target. Positive plugs go out to several job boards both use for their search. Positive Plugs: JobContinue reading “Where’s the Bullseye?”