Strategize: An analytic approach to employment Dan and Brendan sit down with Chad Ryerson, a career coach, to discuss his strategy to finding your next career. They discuss how to pick a sector, set targets, and build your network to meet your professional goals. Lessons learned: you can do anything for a year. 

Where’s the Bullseye?

Dan and Brendan discuss the first step when career seeking: discovering what type of job you want. They discuss tools such as personality assessments, research, and a helpful visual activity to help any job seeker clearly identify their target. Positive plugs go out to several job boards both use for their search. Positive Plugs: JobContinue reading “Where’s the Bullseye?”

What is Productive Time?

Daniel and Brendan discuss the challenges of the grind and the push for productive time. Their discussion talks about scheduling time for self-care, projects, and professional development and the power of aimlessness, along with a few tools they use to feel accomplished in their days and weeks in the search. Positive Plugs: 10 Percent Happier:Continue reading “What is Productive Time?”

Who? What? When? Why? Hello!

Dan and Brendan discuss why they started this project through questions and banter. Plus they discuss the cost and benefits of being underemployed when job searching. Positive Plug: Career One Stop Services vary by location but can include: Resource rooms with phones, free internet and resume writing tools Employment plan development Job training services JobContinue reading “Who? What? When? Why? Hello!”