How to write a resume that showcases your strengths

D & B sat with Virginia Franco to hear how to approach online applications and the formidable ATS. Virginia offers specific and concrete examples of how to clearly showcase your experience and talents, as well as what language you want to include whenever you apply online. She reminds us that its best to have networked before applyingContinue reading “How to write a resume that showcases your strengths”

How to skill up from home

D & B sit down with Joseph Alteri, Account Executive for New York Wired for Education to discuss their online professional development program. Whether preparing for your first job or learning skills to advance your career, METRIX learning offers a self-directed, home-based solution to help you to qualify for your next position. For those interested,Continue reading “How to skill up from home”

How to create an inclusive workplace

D & B sit down with Meghan Corneal, Feminist Director and Gender and Inclusion Advisor at Rooted Impact, to hear her thoughts on policies and practices needed to create a truly inclusive work environment. We spoke about using one’s privilege to actively advocate and de-center one’s own views through dialogue and active listening. You canContinue reading “How to create an inclusive workplace”

How to love live after loss

For this Name That Job, D & B sit with Marie Alessi. Marie Alessi has chosen to dedicate her journey to interrupting the stigma of grief. After losing her husband to a brain aneurysm, she founded the Movement “Loving Life after Loss” and now inspires others in processing their loss, by being a shining exampleContinue reading “How to love live after loss”

How to create a career collective

D & B sit down with Anna Gordon, career strategist, mindset coach, and founder of Strut 4 Success. She explains how she supports those looking to manifest career changes through re-framing their inner narrative and building a collective of others dedicated to their transformation! If you’re interested, you can find Anna and her work atContinue reading “How to create a career collective”

How to excel in human resources

D & B sit down with David Campion, a program manager for a university recruitment program, to hear about his experience with recruitment and HR. As he tells it, there’s no secret sauce – you can always tell if someone is really passionate about a position by how they talk about their interest in theContinue reading “How to excel in human resources”

How to identify my transferable skills

D & B sit down with Gabrielle DeMers to hear about her efforts to switch careers from Opera to Program Management in the Tech sector. She speaks of her approach to setting her target, identifying her transferable skills, and finding “fit” in the job postings she’s applying for. Positive Plugs: 4K Aerial Films Whether youContinue reading “How to identify my transferable skills”