What is Productive Time?

Daniel and Brendan discuss the challenges of the grind and the push for productive time. Their discussion talks about scheduling time for self-care, projects, and professional development and the power of aimlessness, along with a few tools they use to feel accomplished in their days and weeks in the search.

How to create your personal brand on OnlyFans with Michelle Boss Will Work 4 Podcast

Michelle Boss is adult content creator who has platforms on Only Fans, Tik Tok and Instagram. She has a winding career driven by following her interests and desire for economic and creative freedom. Michelle shares how she’s built her personal brand as an amateur adult performer. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/willwork4podcast/message
  1. How to create your personal brand on OnlyFans with Michelle Boss
  2. How to thrive in the remote workplace with Farhan Quasem
  3. How to navigate failures and mistakes on your way to lasting success with Kellie Tinnin
  4. How to conquer LinkedIn, get the job, and own your future with Jeremy Schifeling
  5. How to write a federal resume with Kathryn Troutman
Positive Plugs:

10 Percent Happier: First Respoder Access!

Free Access for Warehouse Employees, Teachers, Healthcare, Grocery, and Food Delivery Workers!

“We want to deeply thank and recognize essential workers all over the world who are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are a warehouse employee, teacher, healthcare, grocery, or food delivery worker and are not currently subscribed to Ten Percent Happier, we would like to support you by offering free access to the app.”

Kaiser Members Access to Calm
As of May, Kaiser Permanente members will have unlimited access to Calm content, including an ever-growing library of guided meditations, sleep stories for deeper and better sleep, and video lessons on mindful movement and gentle stretching.


Published by Will Work 4 Podcast

Daniel, a former Job Developer, and Brendan, an eternal dreamer, look to normalize difficult dialogues to ease the uncertainty of unemployment. They hope by sharing their own experiences around finding meaningful work, inviting experts in the field to share tips and tricks, and gathering resources, they'll create a community of support to help each other in the process of finding their next career. All this will hopefully make you feel a little more connected and a little less alone.

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